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TLG Invigorates Chinese Movie Market with International Resources (with video)

BEIJING, January 31, 2015 -- TLG (HK) Holdings Ltd. (“TLG”) held a press conference “Born to Be Legend” -- the Establishment of Synergy Legend Media Fund in Beijing, at which four movies were also launched, The Doolittle Raid, The New Eternal Wave, and Morning Paris and Xuan Guan (The Hanging Coffin). The Night of Fantasy party was also held in the evening to mark the significant milestone.

2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the victory of anti-Fascism war. China and Russia will co-host celebration programs in 2015. Meanwhile, Synergy Motion Media Fund and the SNAZZY Animation Studio signed the MOU for the cooperation for the movieThe Doolittle Raid, and dedicated this movie as a gift to the 70th anniversary.The movie was adopted from a true story during World War II. These two companies and a Hollywood partner will produce  this epic war movie together.

The total investment of The Doolittle Raidis over 100 million USD. The movie would be produced by Mr. Anthony Scotti and directed by Paul Greengrass. Lee Min Ho may join as one of the leading roles. The movie plans to invite Zhang Hanyu and Fan Bingbing to play as the Chinese actors.

The New Eternal Wave is a remake of a Chinese classic movie from 1958. Aaron Kwok and Tony Leung Ka Fai may join as leading actors. Cecilia Liu, William Chan and Zhu Yawen may also involve with the cast.

Morning Paris is a love comedy. With Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen invited to be the leading roles, the movie is planned to start shooting in September 2015.

Xuan Guan (The Hanging Coffin) is a Chinese tomb raid story, which is becoming popular in China. Top talents from both Hollywood and Asia would join the production team. The production would follow the benchmarks of the best Hollywood blockbusters.

Geoffrey Wai, the Executive Director of TLG said, “TLG is putting movie resources from Hong Kong and Hollywood into the Chinese movie market. We will create value for our investors while we also strive to create a healthy environment for the industry in the long run.”

TLG is a Hong Kong based company dedicated to investment in the cultural industry, real estate development and M&A. The Synergy Entertainment Fund is an experienced Chinese PE fund dedicated to the investment in the cultural industry and related areas. The two partners jointly set up the Synergy Motion Media Fund.

This fund is estimated to reach 500 million RMB and will target to invest in the production and distribution of Chinese and overseas movies, TV series, and animation. It will also invest in copyright and equity investment in the cultural industry. The Synergy Entertainment Fund and TLG jointly serve as the general partners of the movie fund, managing and supervising the movies and TV series in which they are going to invest.

Watch “Press Event Video " and “ The Night of  Fantasy " to learn more about TLG.