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TLG Holds Legendary Congregation in Shanghai

SHANGHAI, June 15, 2015 -- TLG (HK) Holdings Ltd. (TLG) held legendary congregation here today in Shanghai, more than 50 guests from film, TV and cultural industry attended the event, famous director Stanley Kwan, the renowned filmmaker and producer Terence Chang  expressed best wishes to TLG and intention to cooperate, which will help to bring popular works in Chinese film market.

In the Bund's romantic night, TLG unveils some film projects, including The New Eternal Wave, as a tribute to the 70th anniversary of the victory of the the world anti-fascist war. Half a century ago, The Eternal Wave starred by Sun Daolin left deep impression  on audience. The remake of the movie will be of great significance to defferent generations. With total investment of nearly 1 billion RMB, The New Eternal Wave will be a joint work by TLG, Nanhai Film and Beijing Fenggu media company, and is scheduled to start production in the end of 2015. The Film will be directed by famous Hong Kong director Cheung Siu Hung, with Golden Horse Award winner Aaron Kwok as the lead actor and Zhao Liying as lead actress.

TLG also plans to bring Sino-French romantic comedy Moring Paris, and the football movie "champion" to the big screen.

With today's event, TLG set up a good platform of cooperation and communications in film and cultural industry.

About TLG

TLG (HK) Holdings Limited (“TLG”) is a Hong Kong based company dedicated to cultural industry and real estate development. We are based in Hong Kong, with operations in Shanghai and Beijing. TLG's major businesses include entertainment media investment, cultural real estate investment, and mergers & acquisition of related companies. We have close working ties with the Asian movie market and Hollywood, also utilizing our mainland associations to deliver value to investors by playing the "long term", and look to develop long term relations.