Management Team

Alex Chow, CEO & Founder

Dedicated to cultural industry and real estate development in Hong Kong and mainland for over two decades, with a focus on real estate financing, and sponsorship for worldwide well-known brands and movies, TV series, vocal concert, and sports events.

Graduated from California State University in 1987 and returned to Hong Kong to run his family-owned toy production company;  and involved in property investment, pre-IPO and project financing in Hong Kong and mainland; maintained a close relationship with well-known investment banks and funds.

Official licensee of 2002 Japan/Korea FIFA World Cup.

Served as the advisor of Greater China licensee of Sony Pictures & Marvel Comics,   produced Spider Man I、 II,X-man, Jacky Chan Adventure, and etc.

As the partner of Pamfleet, completed projects including Kowloon City Plaza in Hong Kong.

Contributed to the planning and organization of the opening ceremony of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, licensing and sponsorship program.

Geoffrey Wai, Non-executive Director

Geoffrey specializes in technologies for distributing content over the Internet.

Spent more than a decade with multinational firms, designing and building their in-house technology platforms. Geoffrey has been involved in designing large scale network systems which serves millions of people and operates at a high demand of performance.

Area of expertise ranges from systems design, business analysis, to project management.

Kelvin Dong, Group Director

Experiences in the project management area for over 15 years and spent the last decade organizing and managing various development and construction projects in Hong Kong.

As Managing Director/Project Manager at Ascia Development Co. Ltd, in charge of the sales and project Management for property development and construction projects.

Has been working with major developers in Hong Kong such as Henderson Land, SHK, Gammon Construction, Hong Kong Resort and Hong Kong MTR building and fitting out projects including residential, hotels, shopping malls and train stations.

Project Manager of Top Level Marketing Limited, mainly coordinated on project planning and promotions for events and concerts in Hong Kong.

Served as a training officer as a Lieutenant in the Singapore Armed Forces, overseeing their leadership program in the aspects of training, risk management and mission planning. He was also the army liaison to visiting nations at joint events handling relations with visiting foreign ministers and guests.

Received bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering in Santa Clara University.