Dragon City

Beijing Motion Picture Ltd. & Yineng Movie Co. to co-invest up to RMB 600M in up-and-coming films

A signing ceremony between Beijing Motion Picture Co & Yineng took place in Shanghai, laying the foundation for great success in moving making, bringing new revitalizing force to the industry.

The ceremony announced 5 new films to be produced, including, “Undercore””Dangers a week””heart to heart”“Dragon City““Evening Rain”, single movie investment up to RMB 200M, totaling up to RMB 600M investment. Major themes include metropolitan, love-story, action-thriller, etc. Currently, high-profile actors such as Donnie Yen, Andy Lau, Gao-yuanyuan, Tony Leung, Athena Chu, Li YiFeng, are poised to lead these 5 films into great success.